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tv   News  ABC  July 7, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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school in perry hall in whitemarsh, 62 degrees. officially 64 in baltimore. 68 across the shore to easton. the range of mid-60s to near 70 with sunny to partly cloudy skies, and isolated thundershower this afternoon, really small chance of that and especially to the north, with the two-degree guarantee of 87. enjoy today's seasonable high, we get back to cooler than normal for the rest of the week. 6:30. the roads with kim now. >> thank you. we have a little bit of increased volume on 795 southbound as you make your way from owings mills down towards the beltway but things are still looking good at this time. also 70 westbound headed towards route 29, a little bit of increased volume there but traffic moving smoothly right now. the tunnels, no incidents at both the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel looking good. also, keep in mind the northeast corner of the beltway, mdot has opened a brand new exit ramp there to southbound 95. that has a different traffic pattern so just keep an eye out for that if you travel in that direction. quick look now at the cameras.
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this is 695 at the bw parkway, traffic is very light and running good at this time. back to you. a lot of star power at the memorial service to honor the king of pop. an enormous crowd will gather today in a few hours to say goodbye to michael jackson. let's take you there live. this is a live picture of the staples center in los angeles. more than 1.6 million people registered for free tickets to jackson's memorial but get this, a total of 8,700 people were chosen to receive just two tickets each. sherrie johnson is following this story on the final farewell to the king of pop. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. michael jackson will be laid to rest. his family will say goodbye at a private ceremony at forest lawn cemetery. he will be laid to rest in a specially designed costume. then the world will join jackson's family in a star-studded sendoff at the staples center in los angeles. mariah carey will sing her version of jackson's hit "i'll be there." and the dancers who would have
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been part of his fiewbl tour will take -- final tour will take the stage. jennifer hudson, lionel richie, usher and others will be there. from the sports world, magic johnson and kobe bryant. not coming, debbie rowe, lisa marie presley and elizabeth taylor. thousands will be there to celebrate the king of pop. >> i was going to go to one of his concerts. i'm going to this. >> reporter: as the world prepares to say goodbye new information about his death surfaced in the investigation, that both of jackson's arms were scarred with track marks consistent with the finding of a potent sedative. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the latest now on president barack obama's trip to russia. mr. obama met with -- in moscow today with the prime minister putin, the man considered really in charge of russia. in talks yesterday obama and russia's president agreed to cut nuclear stockpiles by about a third. and back here in baltimore, a man caught with 91 pounds of
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cocaine is expected to plead guilty today but as part of a plea agreement he's allowed to appeal his case. 34-year-old t -- trenell murphy was arrested for having drugs in his truck. his lawyer say the search of his truck was unconstitutional. if the court appeals in favor of him the conviction could be thrown out. if you like facebook and ice cream, pay attention. starbuck's is giving away 280,000 pints of free ice cream between now and next sunday so you can get a coupon with a free ice cream just by visiting the starbuck's facebook page. it's expected that about 20,000 coupons will be given away everyday. all in part of national ice cream month. have you ever stopped to think where's the happiest place on earth? according to british research one group there, the distinction goes to costa rica. and here's how it breaks down -- it supposedly has the most
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content residents in the world. the runner up next, the dominican republic followed by jamaica. are you seeing a trend here? nice warm tropical places. guatemala is next on the list, in addition to the happiness the index by the new economics foundation considers the ecological footprints of life, the expectancy there in those countries. here in the united states we must be pretty unhappy because we are 114th on the list. coming up this morning on "good morning maryland" -- clean-up in aisle five. a potentially dangerous situation in a hardware store. it's all caught on tape. coming up. and following a deadly accident, the latest on disney's monorail system. 6:34. we're looking outside, a little hazy sun as you can see, nice orange glow. temperatures low to mid-60s. a warm afternoon expected before a big cooldown for the rest of the week. details coming up. right now let's check the roads with kim. >> as we check the beltway at
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the bw parkway traffic is light and running smooth at this hour. let's check the buses and trains with kurt. >> reporter: thank you. we're looking at a bus delay on the 9 bus, 15 minutes late. 77 bus diverting at washington boulevard and hammonds ferry due to construction. also the 22 bus with a diversion at university and 41st, a watermain break there. and light rail and metro subway on schedule, marc looking good, no delays on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. tim, nobody ever asks me what i want to be when i grow up. maybe it's your name. richard? no, smucker. (laughs) (announcer) when your last name is smucker and you live in orrville, everyone knows what you'll do when you grow up. you're gonna make the world's best jam. i love jam. (announcer) for five generations, with a name like smucker's,
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it's 6:38. this is not your average lost dog story. a minnesota family traveling on the ohio turnpike through the toledo area, they were involved in an accident. one of the dogs ran off and was gone for a week. but thanks to some volunteers including darlene novak, the dog was found and returned to his family. so a nice happy ending there. a potentially dangerous situation in a hardware store
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in rochester, new york. a deer somehow got inside, went wild, people scrambled for safety as he crashed into displays and walls. witnesses say the deer seemed to pause briefly at one spot in front of the five deerheads on the wall. workers were eventually able to open up the back door so the deer could get out. thankfully no one was hurt. coming up this morning on "good morning maryland" - >> a community has residents crying foul over the placement of street signs. brittney gordon, that story is coming up.
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good morning. i'm megan pringle. these are some of the stories we're working on. two people sent to the hospital after a wrong-way crash, happened in north baltimore, neighbors say there's more to this story. we have a live report just ahead. a star-studded farewell for the king of pop. we're going to preview the very public farewell to michael jackson. and, the latest on that deadly monorail crash at
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disney. the safety test is finished and nine one tapes have been released. 911 tapes. that and more coming up. but right now, justin with a check of the forecast. 6:42. looking at 64 degrees at the airport. 68 degrees at umbc in catonsville. we see the sun popping up over the eastern sky. full glory here and it looks like we have a lot of sun glare this morning. across the region, sunshine and 63 on the side of the building at the country school in western howard county. we take to you glen burnie, anne arundel county, currently 68 degrees, also with that, a little hazy sunshine. had clouds, even a sprinkle pass through overnight. you can see it quickly right there, now pushed out to sea. and some clouds left over to our north. really, part of the next system that continues to swirl in southeastern canada, continues to reinforce the cool flow and as we bring it back home, essentially what we're looking at, this cold front that will swing through, ignite showers in central pennsylvania and even new jersey today. most of that to the north of
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baltimore but because of that trailing cloud line, that frontal boundary there may be an isolated shower or storm pop up. the best chance, philadelphia, new york and new england. then we get into cooler weather for the rest of the week. today, increasing clouds, the chance, small chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, 87 our two-degree guarantee. we drop it back to 64 overnight. tomorrow, a cooler day, a mix of clouds and some sun, more clouds in the afternoon with a high cooler, back to about 80. let's check the roads now with kim. >> thank you. southbound, 95 headed to the fort mchenry toll plaza, no incidents there. the harbor tunnel checking in clean and beltway running smoothly in both directions now. if you make your way around 97 at the 695 interchange, that is seeing a little increased volume but traffic is really quiet. as we look at 695 at the bw parkway, traveling southbound headed to the capitol beltway or towards the dc area, traffic is running good at this hour. back to you. millions are mourning the death of michael jackson.
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but only a few thousand will be in attendance at his star-studded farewell. we're going to take a live picture now of the staples center in los angeles where this memorial is going to take place. it's quiet now but in a few hours you better believe this place is going to be crowded with people saying goodbyes to the king of pop. sherrie johnson joins us now with how the world will say farewell. >> reporter: today's memorial for michael jackson will read like a who's who list, a star-studded tribute planned for the king of pop at the staples center in los angeles. the dancers from jackson's final tour will perform. musicians like mariah carey, beyonce, smoky robinson, jennifer hudson, lionel richie, usher, and stevie wonder will also perform from the sports world, magic johnson and kobe bryant. diana ross is a maybe, former girlfriend brooke shields is a yes. all the jackson family is expected to attend including jackson's three children. but his ex-wife, lisa marie presley and debbie rowe will not attend. elizabeth taylor also says she will not attend. many michael jackson fans are
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excited after having won a ticket to the memorial service. >> i was just -- i couldn't believe it. i just couldn't believe it that, you know, i was one of the people that, out of all these millions of people that want to go and, it's me. >> reporter: in the battle over michael jackson's estate a judge ruled his longtime attorney and family friend should take charge of the pop singer's assets for now, rejecting a request from jackson's mother. internet sites are taking down postings that attempt to sell tickets to the memorial service, some bids reached as high as $10,000. meanwhile new information surfaced in the investigation that both jackson's arms were scarred with marks consistent with the finding of a potent sedative. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a small community in indiana has become part of the jackson farewell story. a company in baitsville reportedly made the casket in which michael jackson will be buried. no confirmation from the company itself but workers, they are certainly talking and say that jackson's casket comes
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with a price of about $25,000. they say it's got 14karats on it and made of polished bronze. tmz reports the handmade, hand-polished casket reportedly has blue velvet interior and mirror finish. more details on the the murder of former nfl star steve mcnair. the bodies of mcnair and a 20-year-old woman described by police as his friend were found this weekend in a condo leased by mcnair. police say the gun at the scene was bought by sahel kazemi days before. an autopsy shows mcnair was shot four times but police are waiting for ballistic and other tests before determining if sahel kazemi committed suicide. those who knew mcnair on the field are still in disbelief. >> i ask you to honor what he did on the field and in the community. what he was, was a tremendous
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teammate. that is his legacy. and i'm proud. to have been a part of that. >> we all make mistakes. we all wish we can go back on them. but i'm not here to dwell on that. i'm here to celebrate the life of a dear friend and teammate. >> reporter: a memorial service is planned for thursday in nashville. a baltimore community comes together this morning following the shooting of a 5-year-old girl. people who live along pulaski street in southwest baltimore held a vigil last night. raven wyatt was walking back from a convenience store last thursday when a bullet struck her in the head. >> this is a very tough, very difficult community and they are going through a lot of trials and tribulations. i think the best thing is to let them know that people do care about them. >> 17-year-old lamont davis faces attempted murder charges in connection with the shooting of raven wyatt. another teen as well. abc2 news learned that davis's record also includes carjacking
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and assault, robbery charges as well. the department of juvenile services was monitoring and with the gps bracelet but he cut it off. a warrant was issued but davis wasn't found in time to prevent the shooting. the little girl rimains in critical condition this morning. a surgeon at johns hopkins says he and doctors at three other hospitals have completed what is believed to be the largest series of kidneys paired in a donation procedure ever undertaken. details on the groundbreaking feat are expected during a news conference later on today including the donors and the patients. we'll keep you posted. neighbors say that it was bound to happen. eventually. a wrong-way crash in north baltimore sends two people to the hospital but neighbors think this could have been prevented. abc2 news brittney gordon is live in north baltimore to explain why. >> reporter: we're out here at maryland avenue and 24th street. an intersection that some residents around here say is causing a lot of problems for drivers.
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causing accidents, actually. let's look at some video from a little earlier. an accident actually at 24th street and charles street. there are flashing lights and firefighters, as they try to rescue a man trapped in his van after an accident. the city fire department actually had to rescue him by cutting him out of that van before rushing that man to the hospital. now, car accidents are a common part of life but some in this neighborhood say that some of them could be avoided with a simple change by the city. we're going to bring in one of those people now. this is jason pyron. good morning. what is the problem that you have with the intersection? >> as you can see there are two do not enter signs here on the left and right poles but at the traffic lights, the drivers' attention is focused, there's only a right turn only sign and people seem to get confused. well, maybe if i'm not in the right turn lane i can go straight. i talked to the city numerous times over the last three years about getting a do not enter
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sign replaced there. they always say well, the two signs are sufficient. my office staff notices on almost everyday eight or so cars going the wrong way at high speeds. and causing accidents. >> reporter: certainly there was an accident here this morning. i take it you're hoping that the city will see this and hopefully make some changes? >> yes. looking to get a "wrong way" or "do not enter" sign or -- just more information for the drivers. >> reporter: thank you. live in baltimore, brittney gordon, abc2 news. another overnight crash, this one in west baltimore sends three people including a police officer to the hospital. a police officer tried to pull over a car which left the scene and the chase ended when the car crashed into the officer's car at the corner of presstman street and north fulton avenue. the officer and two suspects in the car were taken to the hospital. we're told the injuries are not life threatening. authorities identified the two teens who died following an incident on the light rail system this past weekend in baltimore county.
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the two 17-year-olds were found lying on the tracks near the lutherville station on sunday. one of the boys, kyle wankmiller was pronounced dead at the scene. the other, connor peterson died at shock trauma on monday. mta officials say they are looking over audio and video recordings trying to determine what happened. they are also trying to determine why the teens were on the tracks. disney's monorail system is back up and running following a deadly crash. the all clear has been given following several test runs. the national transportation safety board, though, they say it will investigate sunday's collision that killed the 21-year-old train operator of one of the trains. it's an unprecedented move for the federal agency best known for probing airline crashes. it's believed the accident happened during a botched attempt to switch a train from one track to another. also, 911 tapes had been released. >> a monorail was waiting to come into the station, i believe, or did not leave the station. the other one cleared through the station and it was --
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head on collision. >> osha has also been called in to determine if any workplace safety rules were broken. it could be months before their investigation is complete. the murder trial of a man accused of stabbing his wife outside of a courthouse in east baltimore is expected to begin today. court documents say that cleveland williams was arguing with his estranged wife outside the district courthouse on east north avenue. happened last november. investigators say he tried to pull veronica williams into his truck. when she resisted he stabbed her. a police officer had to shoot cleveland to stob the attack. the actress who played janet on the hit tv series "three's company" has been arrested in southern california for drunken driving. here's the mug shot taken saturday. joyce dewitt was pulled over after she drove past the barricade near a park. an officer arrested the 60-year-old after he observed signs that she had been drinking and driving and then gave her the field sobriety
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test. >> we had -- god really helped us do this. >> the prayers of these fishermen were answered when four men spent more than a day floating on their capsized boat in lake erie off the coast of michigan. coast guard video is what you're looking at now. the men were being pulled to safety. the fishermen say their heavy catch probably caused their boat to tip. they were all treated at the hospital and released. it all started out with a dog named zoe. owners and pet lovers dan and alisa binder are the founders of pet airways. about to take off in baltimore. it offers first class for pets with airfares as low as $149 each way. the pets can fly in the main cabin with trains, pet attendants. look at the guy there. the first flight nationally takes off july 14th. other cities include chicago, los angeles, and denver.
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and an offbeat baseball tribute to michael jackson here in maryland. the southern maryland blue crabs, a minor league team in waldorf held several promotions at last night's game, they included the best moonwalk competition, free admission for anyone named billie jean or jackson and get this, the first 100 fans to enter the stadium received just one complimentary batting glove. 6:55. good day for baseball. warm temperatures back in play. yesterday we hit 86. today going for 87 degrees, that's our two-degree guarantee. a small chance of a shower or thunderstorm mainly north of baltimore and up towards pennsylvania with the cold front swinging through but most of you just see clouds increase in the afternoon. tonight, back to 64. tomorrow, near 80. there's the cooldown with the stray shower possible. hanging near 80 on thursday after overnight temperature in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we'll swing back to the
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mid-80s by the weekend but that will also come with scattered showers in the afternoons of both saturday and sunday. 6:55. here's kim. >> we do have some building traffic, that is southbound 95 between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway. i'm also getting word of debris in the road. that is the inner loop at park heights avenue, definitely use caution there. if you're traveling the northeast corner of the beltway, be advised that mdot just opened a new ramp to southbound 95 and expect to see a new traffic pattern if you travel in that area. let's look now at 695 at the bw parkway, traffic light and running smoothly at this time. stay with us for "good morning maryland" at 9:00. the got milk campaign in our studio. see you at 9:00. have a great morning. thank you so much for joining us.
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